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GAWAS BC-SW 301 Reel

299.00  230.00  inc. VAT

Available Size:
BC-SW 300 (Right Hand)
BC-SW 301 (Left Hand)

2 Colors:
Gunsmoke + Black
Silver + Black

Spare Spool: CNC Aluminium Alloy Spool
90mm Power Handle for Sea Game
75mm Balance Handle for Casting
Ultra Durable Brass
Durable Construction
Small & Compact
High Line Capacity
High Max Drag


line capacity: 0.23mm/300m, 0.28mm/200m, 0.33mm/110m.

max drag: 10kg

ball bearing: 10+1

5 in stock (can be backordered)


GAWAS BC-SW 301 Reel