Operator data

Company: GEO-DIT Ltd.
Headquaters: Mezőkövesd, Deák Ferenc utca 1.
ZIP Code: H-3400
VAT Number: HU22360357
Company Registration Number: 05-06-016267
Issuer: Court of Miskolc
Contract Language: English
E-mail Address: xzoga.europe@gmail.com
Contact Telephone Numbers: +36 30 6195570; +36 30 5655668

Hosting Provider
Company: GS Design | E-mail Address: szilvia@gsdesign.hu
Address: H-3711 Szirmabesenyő, Kölcsey Ferenc utca 84.
TAX Nr.: 63181342-1-25 | Issuer: Court of Miskolc

You can call us between 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM daily.